Naval Special Warfare Skills and Drills 5 - Defensive Tactics

About This Course:

This is Naval Special Warfare Skills and Drills Level 5 - Defensive Tactics.

In this course you will use everything you have learned in Levels 1-4 to test yourself.

This course will be a mix of combat conditioning, martial combat, and combat shooting. It will be a HIGHLY physical course. Come prepared.

Equipment Required:

  • Handgun, any caliber is fine, but is recommended for you to bring the actual handgun you will be using in a personal defense situation. Semi-Automatic is preferred. You will not be able to do all evolutions with a revolver. (we have handguns available to borrow if you let us know.)

  • A holster to carry the weapon like you would in real life. Appendix carry is fine if that is what you are already proficient at using (this is not the class to learn a new holster).

  • At least 2 extra magazines (3 total). If you have extras, bring them. It will save you time doing reloads.

  • A method to carry your extra magazine.

  • A sturdy belt, what you typically wear will most likely work.

  • 200 rounds of ammunition.

  • Ear protection, type does not matter.

  • Eye protection, type does not matter.

  • Knee Pads

  • Clothing to get VERY dirty (a change of clothes for trip home is suggested)


  • YOU MUST HAVE ATTENDED ALL FOUR OF THE FIRST COURSES IN THIS SERIES. This is the fifth course of a 6 part series. Please do not register if you have not yet registered and will have completed the first four courses. All participants who complete all 6 courses will receive a special T-shirt and certificate.


Open to ages 14+ with a parent attending

This course is taught by a former Navy SEAL (Verification upon serious inquiry)



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