Understanding Nuclear and Radioactive Devices

About This Class:

There is a great deal of misunderstanding anytime someone starts talking about “Atomic” devices.  What are the dangers, how are they used, what is a weapon versus what is a tool.  Any time the sabers of war start rattling, the news is full of warnings about nuclear devastation.  From a non-weapon status, most people are not fully aware of how nuclear powerplants work, what “radiation” for cancer means, or what items around the house might actually be “atomic” devices.

This course aims to remove some of the mystique, give a clearer understanding, and allow people to make better informed comments when they see discussions on the topic.

Topics Covered:

Radiation versus Contamination

Types of Radiation

Shielding to Block Radiation

Contamination Containment

Safe Distances from Accidents or Attacks

Heat Transfer and Basic Thermodynamics

How Nuclear Weapons Work

How Nuclear Power Works

How Nuclear Medicine Works

Equipment Required:

Notepad and Pen




This course is open to ages 14+



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